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3 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Ein sehr schöner Ausflug in die Natur,leckere Hausmannskost am Schluss bei Dejan in seinem selbst gebauten Natur Häuschen,wo man denkt man ist bei dem Hobbit 🙂 ein etwas anderer Ausflug als die anderen typischen tourie touren! Kann ich nur empfehlen!

  2. Defenetly the best and the most amazing trip to start your vacation!!!

    We came to Belgrade with no knoledge at all about things to do inside the city and outside the city. But one thing we did know – we are nature fans, and for that we have searched some trip/tour in the “real” nature, outside of Belgrade. And then we saw on the internet this nature tour/trip.
    Listen you all – this was the trip that ignite our craving and exusiasem for the rest of our vacation!!!
    First of all, the guide – Denny- is a wonderful and lovely man like no other. He is very kind, trustable, full with joy and genouros man. This specifically trip is just amazing! It’s include a walking tour in the mountain area, seeing the amazing view of all the suroundings from the high tower, but most importently, you have the chance to expierience something you have just could dreem about – spending time inside an original outentic nature house!!! Belive me, I can write down here many things, but there is no like an eye view to get impressed and experience the thing!!!
    In addition, the guide will coke you in that house a serbian treditional meal – and here also, it was extra ordinery…
    We were so excited from the guide and this trip, that we did another 2 amazing trips with him outside of Belgrade, with the company of yet another outstanding guide – Alexandra! Both of them of curse serbian so they know the language and everithing you wanna know. They were both just outstanding and I’m recommand to contact both of them and start your vacation!

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